Doctor breaks all 206 bones of patient while sneezing during surgery

One hour of surgery resulted in One Year of impending Surgery!


Physicist cures Loose Motion while proving Loose Motion Conjecture

30 February,0068: A Physicist named Robert Bowel has reportedly proved the notorious Loose Motion Conjecture and in turn have provided the Universal cure for Loose Motion. The Loose Motion Conjecture states that, “The Human Being’s reaction depends on the sum of the Force of Loose Motion and the body weight.” His proof is stated as it is in…

Doing Homework everyday can cause genetic disorders

30 February,0052: Students are rejoicing with boundless joy as at last, science has spoken for them. No More Home works! The genetic study has at last proved to be sensible, as the students pointed out, to force every government to pass a law that home works should be banned and if not banned then the…