Amidst Pyramids in a Jeep from Egypt (Part 1)

This is a serial. Everyday a new part will be published. This is the first part.

I had fallen asleep as soon as our jeep had crossed the creaky bridge across a sneaky river. I learnt afterwards that the scenery hence was miraculous, but I would have even traded gold for the breathtaking dream that I had in my sleep. It was breathtaking to such an extent that, had I been a medical student in my dream, as I am in real life, I would have diagnosed the condition to be asthmatic.

Initially, I didn’t realise that I was dreaming. It must have been due to the fact that although I had started dreaming, my eyes were still open. This is a weird thing of mine. I fall asleep, but I forget to close my eyes. I won’t deny, this has been very benificial to me in my school days. In the boring lectures, while others were contemplating murders and wondering when the ceiling fan would fall off and if it does then who would die first, I was merrily sleeping with my eyes open, with enough vivacious spirit to have the teacher congratulate me later for being the most attentive in the class!

Okay, now back to the dream. I was dreaming about a mummy. Not a motherly mummy, but more of an egyptian mummy. I saw that, actually I dreamt it, but from now on the dream is my reality, so whenever I use a verb, you should know, that it was actually in my dream. I saw that the driver who was driving the car, seemed to be a little lean and thin. I surely appreciate the property of thinness, which is why I love the Apple products so much, but the driver was thin to the bone. Literally! I could see no flesh. I acted as if I found his humerus to be humorous, only to conceal my fear. But this attempt of mine failed miserably as soon as he turned towards me. I saw no face, for there was none. Instead, there was, the bandaged head of a mummy. A mummy scary enough to make you wanna hide into the lap of your mommy.

I was speechless. Not exactly speechless, but more of a sensible-speechless. Since I was uttering all these weird sounds broadcasting how scared I was. Now the mummy stopped the car. Unwrapped the bandages. Thus, Revealing the face.

I couldn’t believe what I saw.

To be continued. Next part will be available here.

Arkadeep Mukhopadhyay


Not Sure if I Travelled in Time

6 April 2018

A weird sensation it was. It went away even before I knew what it was. I searched on the net, typing in keywords that associated what I felt with what I fancied it was. Unfortunately, all the searches returned results which were so unrelated to the topic I was initially searching about, that I almost forgot about what was the original sensation I had felt. But living in the information era as we do, I kept on searching further on the new topics only to be lead further and further away from those. In fact, I was getting so far away, so fast that I guessed I might soon get back to one of the topics I had already searched. But that was not the case. Five minutes later, I found myself watching videos on youtube. Ten minutes later, I was publishing this post on WordPress. Twenty minutes later, I was buying a private Jet on amazon and twenty one minutes later, I was closing that browser tab, because neither amazon sold private jets nor I had the means of buying one even if it sold. But thirty minutes later, I was back on Medium writing up a philosophical article. Forty minutes later, I had a weird sensation. It went away before I knew what it was. I tried searching for it on Google, but I could find no words in my vocabulary that matched the feeling. But, the google searche results led me to Youtube about five minutes later and I started watching a video. That was five minutes before, now I am publishing this post on WordPress, but I don’t know why that Publish button is replaced with Update buttontoday!

Arkadeep Mukhopadhyay


Moon is a planet and Earth is its satellite, confirms Astronomer

30 February 0062: Question was Whether Moon is a planet? Answer included that not only the moon is a planet but it even has a satellite, namely, Earth.


On interviewing the man who never lied, better known as Dr Maroon Mars declared without a slightest sign of hesitation, without a single drop of sweat popping up and with a contented sip into his rightly earned coffee that Earth is not a planet. It was to him whom we enquired of the possibility of this rumour not being a rumor, and he instantly denied the fact that the rumor was a rumor and established the fact that this fact is a fact and not a rumor. Upon repeated nagging and irritating him, our reporters retrieved that a complex astronomical discovery by the all new telemicroelectrospectroscope has led to this startling conclusion that our planet is not a planet and is a satellite of our satellite which is a planet. After this decision by the Astronomical Scientific Society the other planets have reacted strangely. Among the petitions the most noteworthy one was by Pluto who stated calmly,”I know the feel bro!”

Arkadeep Mukhopadhyay
Antarctica Daily