:-( Astronauts land $50 Billion Rocket on WRONG Planet

30 February, 0146: Shocking! They had to land it on Mars, they instead landed it on Earth! Then they discovered life on the planet they themselves belong to, then by considering it to be Martian Life they conducted an international press conference, produced a documentary, collected samples essential to support *Martian* life and ULTIMATELY, found out that they had mistakenly landed on Earth. Then they went undercover and refused to answer any more interviews.

But, in this massive stage called world, which our painted civilisation have successfully exploited for the last 10 thousand years, the reporters of Antarctica Daily are always viewed with much more respect than other news sources, for we always report the Genuine news. And this time too, the rule did not endure an exception.

We did not know how to find the astronauts, but we found them, and we took an interview. The astronauts were relieved to find out that it was our reporters who had tracked them down and after a brief request, released an one-liner statement, from their constipated mouths!

We just asked them, “WHY?” and they said:

We recently learnt that, Mars was Blue, so we landed the rocket on a blue planet, it turned out to be Earth 😦

We just let them know that mars WAS blue but is no more blue as Casey Neistat started Vlogging again!

Arkadeep Mukhopadhyay
Antarctica Daily
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Mars turns Blue, after Casey Neistat Ends the Vlog

30 February, 0134: Why is Casey Neistat ending his daily vlogs? Answer is clearly stated in his “The Final Episode” here. Although his fans on Earth are quite shocked by the sudden decision, the Martians are having an even worse time.

Casey Neistat with His Weapon

Did you know why YouTube is Red? Because, half of its fan base is on mars. Although the scientists have not yet been able identify appreciable life form reigning the planet Mars, more than half of the YouTube traffic could be traced to the users in Mars. It turns out that, about 89 Million martians subscribed to Casey’s Channel (2 Million more than PewDiePie) on the YouTube Mars. It is clearly understandable from such huge figures that the Martians simply loved his daily Vlogs, which seemed to be a recreation for the martians out of their busy Marsly schedule.


Mars Turning Blue.

Our reporters have estimated that, all 89 Million Subscribers simultaneously started weeping a bluish fluid which has already flooded the entire planet and have changed the Red Planet into the Blue one (No Political Puns intended!).

The scientists have confirmed that this martian tear is habitable and the sudden flood will tremendously help mankind reach out and colonise Mars. The scientists started the new #thankyoucasey to Thank him for his immense contribution for us. Last but not the least, all of us from Antarctica Daily would like to thank Casey for his entertaining vlogs, exemplary personality and would be waiting for his future videos. 🙂

BTW, Just Search PewDiePie on Google! He underwent plastic surgery!

Arkadeep Mukhopadhyay
Antarctica Daily
Website: Our Simple yet Elegant Website