The Man who Survived ONE HOUR without WiFi !

30 February, 0116: It was a rainy day. And a holiday. Everyone were in their rooms, plugged to their phones while the phones themselves was plugged to the plug point. Everyone was silent. Their eyes flickering in the earnest wish of a notification. Their fingers scrolling in what seemed to be an endless search of unattainable happiness. Social network was pushing them apart while bringing them together. *RING*. A notification popped up on Crackerberg’s phone. “Open WiFi networks are available…” , it read. It took him some time to get the meaning of the heavy line that his phone has just dared to display. But then the thunderclap struck him. His apparently infinite scroll on Sweeter Timeline came to an end. He changed tabs. A Flesh book status update was necessary by now. It has been 153 seconds since he had posted last. He selected a coolfie (cool selfie) he had taken and clicked on upload. The swirling began in the middle of the screen. It swirled, and swirled, unless it almost became a whirlpool. And then he hit refresh. By now he had started sweating, the realization of what was happening was too horrifying to be true. The page was still refreshing. And then, YES  then, he saw it. Clear and Stark, the unavoidable, the unchangeable,  the inevitable, THE TRUTH, His WiFi was gone!


He could have switched on his mobile data immediately, but his account balance was sixty three less that sixty three. He was stuck. In this world full of inanimate people and abiotic trees, his only source of will power, the WiFi, was gone.

Anyone else could have died immediately. The absence of internet was as terrifying as a terrifyingly terrifying news could be. How he spent THE hour without WiFi, even he does not know. Spark Crackerberg, the man without WiFi was secluded. He was alienated suddenly from the entire world. Every two seconds he switched on and off his WiFi, scanned and searched but no, None of the open networks were working. It was just a false satisfaction that his phone had given him when it understood that his Router was dead.

“I was about to cry but I could not breathe. I asked God to take away water, food , oxygen if he wished, or even my life for that matter, but please not WiFi.”

It was then that the clock struck 4. One hour had passed, rather one year had passed! And then just as he was giving up all his hope, he saw, yes he again saw….. What he saw?

Well he saw the WiFi symbol spring back to life in the notification panel, tiny playful arrows indicating upload and download began their playful appearance and disappearance. God had listened. He was happy. He was alive! A flood of notification flooded him for the next fifteen minutes. Few of his colleagues had already posted “RIP Spark”, feeling 😦  sad with King Ape and 18 others at McDonald’s, Times Square. Sad Reactions were flooding the posts and most of the comments read, “RIP Bro, Get well soon”. Even Spark clicked on Sad Reaction and commented that he was still there amidst us but now he was The Man who Survived ONE HOUR without WiFi !


Arkadeep Mukhopadhyay
Antarctica Daily
Website: Pun Wit MeMe