POTASSIUM CYANIDE in AQUA REGIA gets voted as the most nutritious drink

30  February,0073: “The most precious things in the Universe are most often the ones looked down upon.” said no-hell peace prize winner Dr White Dove.


Scientists who most of the times are in search for an unproved hypothesis are always eager to take it up their arms and publish a definite proof for the same. And they didn’t disappoint us this time on their latest opportunity. An Unknown chemist from an unknown county of a very well known country, published his papers on the effects of consumption of Potassium Cyanide dissolved in Aqua Regia. The mad chemist tasted the drink, he had just prepared with two of the most dangerous chemicals of the lab, and relished every drop until the beaker was dead empty. Every human being, martian, jupiterian, satirical saturnists were offered a small test tube full of the irresistible drink. Everyone reported a sudden increase in their wish to live and conquer the universe. Pharmaceutical companies all over the world have already started trying to extract the most of the information about the solution and add a few stops of the same in their respective existent tonics for various diseases.
4G Pharma (whose motto is”No Death Just Breathe” ) said that it was THE discovery that could change the world, although very little speculation would have remained regarding this matter even if the celebrated company wouldn’t have made any comments on this topic!
Long live humankind, long drink KCN+HNO3+3HCL……!!!!

Arkadeep Mukhopadhyay
Antarctica Daily
Website: http://www.antarcticadaily.weebly.com