Waterlogging is the parameter for development and prosperity

So, is there waterlogging in your Neighbourhood?


Scary Insects can boost Productivity

Are you not happy with your performance? Perplexed about your productivity? Then this post is Just for You. Have a look at the following images and you will immediately young again….

Moon is a planet and Earth is its satellite, confirms Astronomer

30 February 0062: Question was Whether Moon is a planet? Answer included that not only the moon is a planet but it even has a satellite, namely, Earth. On interviewing the man who never lied, better known as Dr Maroon Mars declared without a slightest sign of hesitation, without a single drop of sweat popping…

Volcanic Eruption in Mt. Everest can submerge entire Tibet

30 February,0058: It was one of the wildest guesses till yesterday, but today its the bitter truth. Mt. Everest is a VOLCANO! Today at 9’o’clock in the morning a loud boom shocked the entire population of Nepal. A dark cloud of volcanic ash immediately covered the entire region darkening the skies of Nepal, North Eastern…