Manager sacks Club Owner and sells them in Transfer Window

30 February, 0106: An unlikely happening happened last month while the Transfer Window was open for Mancheater United. The club manager or the head coach, Jose More-Eno (who always sufers from digestive problems) was angered by the refusal to spend funds for the welfare of the team by the club owner, the Glacier family and as a result the “Raid Evil” Manager sacked the Owners instead of the other way around. In terms of a layman, More-Eno sacked his Boss.

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Players have displayed mixed emotions. Striker When Ruining broke down crying where as youngster Antonic Marshmallow declared that it was the most brave act he has ever seen in his long life of 20 years. Another youngster Mount Rushmore said that when he grows up, his aim would be to be a substitute player and then sack the owner, which would be the bravest act possible, according to him. Meanwhile midfielder Bustation Liontiger tattooed his eyelids, with the name of their ex-owner. Another Midfielder, Join Mota did 8 back flips and sent a friend request to Shellsea boss Greek AbramoRich on Fleshbook in an attempt to return to his old club, picturing his future. Most Notably Goal Keeper, Dravid de Goa said, “The future of our team is now independent of the past” which raised several  question involving Grandfather’s paradox, Entropy, already overthrown Laplacian determinism and Thermodynamic arrow of time.

As a replacement the Manager has been spotted talking to Bill Windows(who is famous for developing the OS Gates) about taking over the ownership of the club. One can tell that a never desiccating fund was the motive behind the rendezvous.

Arkadeep Mukhopadhyay


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