This Math problem has stumped even the Legendary Cricketers

That awkward moment when kids and men don’t suffer but legends do!


How being BAD can Save your life?

30 February, 0076: Many news channels reported that a live wire electrocuted an entire passenger bus leading to the death of 39 people on board. But all the sources had shared the incomplete news and just according to our reliable promise, we hereby, bring to you the full story regarding what happened in Iceland when THE LIVE WIRE electrocuted the bus.

Physicist cures Loose Motion while proving Loose Motion Conjecture

30 February,0068: A Physicist named Robert Bowel has reportedly proved the notorious Loose Motion Conjecture and in turn have provided the Universal cure for Loose Motion. The Loose Motion Conjecture states that, “The Human Being’s reaction depends on the sum of the Force of Loose Motion and the body weight.” His proof is stated as it is in…