This Math problem has stumped even the Legendary Cricketers

That awkward moment when kids and men don't suffer but legends do!


Building named Ψ collapses after Observation

Read Why?

WARNING: This food causes indigestion even WITHOUT consumption!


Scientists will discontinue usage of “KILO-” prefix for safety of Physicists

To understand why, let us consider the unit of Resistance OHM, 10^3 OHM is read as KILO-OHM or KILL-OHM.

Physicists introduce 3 MORE Laws of Motion

Students will have to manage 6 LAWS OF MOTION from next years.

In a current conference, Ampere appreciated Volt’s Potential while Ohm resisted himself from sharing his electrifying criticism

30 February, 0077: Last Monday, a conference was held in the middle of Bermuda Triangle which was attained by all the leading Physicist of the world including Ampere, Volt and Ohm.

How being BAD can Save your life?

30 February, 0076: Many news channels reported that a live wire electrocuted an entire passenger bus leading to the death of 39 people on board. But all the sources had shared the incomplete news and just according to our reliable promise, we hereby, bring to you the full story regarding what happened in Iceland when THE LIVE WIRE electrocuted the bus.