IIT Aspirant files PIL against IPL to introduce Negative Marking

It happens only in India!


“What I am saying is false!”,says American politician Sir Riddle

30 February, 0049: Paradoxes have been a part of human logic since the ancient times, but until recently the thought that politics could be paradoxical was never entertained. Last  Monday, the speech delivered by Sir Riddle had a great impact on the human reasoning and the speech will be remembered by all of us for…

Meteorite🌌 strikes village pond, pushes Earth🌎 into Mars’ Orbit.

30 February,0022: Just as the doomsday scare began to extinguish, a meteorite strike literally sparked it all over once again. Yesterday, the terrible Earthquake which was felt by all of us followed by a cold winded thunderstorm which had persisted till today, have been described by the scientists as a result of an impact of…