Unsung Hero turns into Villain after Singing Pop Songs

20 April 2018

Sing Classical. Rap Raps. But Do Not Sing Pop Songs When Situations Are Tense.

He was an unsung hero. Not that his heroic deeds were not appreciated, but rather he himself was a no-singing-man. Everybody loved him and cared for him. They were perplexed at the thought that this otherwise perfect hero could not even sing. They decided to discuss the matter in the Parliament. They assembled representatives, Doctors were present. So were singers. Politicians were absent neither. Nor were common people.

He was seated at the centre of the stage. They decided to decide a song which he should try to sing. But suddenly they heard the thunder rumble. Their hopes also did crumble. For it was their hero who sang. Not a heroic song, not an epic. But a Pop song. Justin Bieber’s Baby!

You know right, that its music video has about 7 million dislikes? Well, he made 8 Million enemies. They never forgave him. They never forgot him. They were a legion. Expect them! Ever since, he was anonymous.

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Arkadeep Mukhopadhyay


Look, What Tailor Made Us Do

19 January 2018

It was midnight. In the graveyard. A hand arose from the soil underneath. A corpse followed. We were having a birthday party there, and clearly the corpse wasn’t invited, much less that in our ‘invited’ list, its name was in red and underlined. We checked it once and we checked it twice, but no!

The corpse, however, didn’t seem much annoyed by this birthday celebration in graveyard, which by the way is spelled with a rusted iron-E, and the corpse was very PUNctual about pointing that out, right when we started singing the happy birthday song.

In fact, towards the end all the corpses had joined our party and we were so tired of seeing rotting flesh, that we fell asleep in their coffins. They buried us deep, so that the sound of death metal music, to which they were dancing, should not awake us.

Ultimately, they swiftly called up a tailor, made brilliant, posh clothes for themselves and made the tailor make long satin drapes with which they mummified us and left us in the coffins forever.

You must sympathize with what, this Tailor made us do (namely, get mummified) and this is surely because, the old Tailor couldn’t come to the party! Why? Because he’s dead! By the way, he was one of the corpses, ordering our mummification!

In case, you found this post weird, you must have a reputation for not listening to pop music!

Arkadeep Mukhopadhyay (Luckily, I had my phone with me inside the coffin, so i could upload our experience. Also, you must applaud the underground Wi-Fi Service!)

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Pop Star Turns BILLIONAIRE after ©opyrighting the phrase ‘Oh Yeah’

30 February, 0151: “Every Billionaire is a Millionaire but all millionaires are not billionaire!” This was the quote that made Brian the Bankrupt, Brian the Billionaire. He is not exactly a famous personality, mainly because he does not have one, but he has become a nightmare for the pop music industry within the last 2 months.

What he did was simple, he copyrighted the phrase ‘Oh Yeah!’ and since a pop song consists of 99.9% of that phrase, every published song became virtually a rip off of his copyright. Every Pop star from Taylor Gift to Justin Driver had to pay him at least a few million dollars in compensation. His wealth accumulated faster than the tasks of a government official. As a result, few weeks, he was worth 133 Million Dollars.

Yesterday, at 5 PM he crossed the 1 Billion Dollar Mark and entered into the elite Billion Dollar Club. But, once a bankrupt is always a bankrupt. Influenced by his success he decided to become a philanthropist. Unlike JK Growling (JK stands for Just Kidding), who just became a millionaire from a billionaire, he became approximately a negative trillionaire!

How that happened, could be explained by the following MeMe:

Bad Luck Brian lol
Credits : PunWitMeMe

Arkadeep Mukhopadhyay
Antarctica Daily