Mosquito Magnets replace Repellents

23 April 2018 Mosquitoes and our toes are still a better love story than, never mind. Everytime you look down, provided you are standing upright, you will find a mosquito on your foot. They are always present. Even when we repel them, they come back. Hence, astronomers have finally come up with a new solution. … Continue reading Mosquito Magnets replace Repellents


How to cook in your Stomach?

22 April 2018 We are busy. We are so busy that it is now easy to forget to eat and end up with a zero figure. A man named Aman from India, once spent 6 months without eating because he was too busy completing his assignments for the semester. To avoid such disasters, scientists have … Continue reading How to cook in your Stomach?

Boring-737 Arrives before Departure

18 April 2018 The passengers were stunned. They had just heard the boarding announcement. And now they were at their destination. In fact, the announcement, as their wrist watches told them, was few minutes in the future! They had no idea what had happened. But the Pilot knew, so did the Cabin Crew, who were … Continue reading Boring-737 Arrives before Departure

10 Ways for Pay Raise

17 April 2018 We know you wanna know. So we'll get straight to the subject matter. Follow what follows and you will be earning more, VERY SOON: Be the Boss: And then negotiate your own salary with yourself and arrive at a hefty sum. Then pledge to donate 1% to needy charities and close the deal. … Continue reading 10 Ways for Pay Raise

Top 10 Weirdest Diseases a Blogger might Suffer from

15 April 2018 Today is a sad day for the bloggers community. Scientists from around the globe have confirmed the possibility of suffering from each of the following diseases, provided you blog regularly! Vloggers however, are not to be included, since, they have classified under different taxon by the Committee of Underemployed Rational Scientists and … Continue reading Top 10 Weirdest Diseases a Blogger might Suffer from

10 ways to Show off that You Show off

14 April 2018 To show off is not a sin. To show off that you show off, is not one either. So, why not do it? Buy a House, live on the street, tell people that you live in your other house and this is your vacation home. Write a useless book, sell it on … Continue reading 10 ways to Show off that You Show off

Let’s all go to Jail

Jump upon the couch, Throw your hands in air, Pull down the ceiling fan, Also the ceiling if it's fair.