‘Man-Eating Tiger’ EATS ‘Man Eating Tiger’ for Eating ‘Man-Eating-Tiger-Eating Man’

30 February, 0137: Honestly, we have no idea, who ate whom!

Zoologist Mrs Terribly Horrific and Botanist Mr Horribly Terrific were wandering in the forests of Sunderban, where they observed food chain at its most complicated. An omnivore and a Carnivore along with their fellow specimens from that specific species were specifically specifying which specification of their prey was the tastiest. It turned out that the red color of the ground which they previously perceived to be due to indomitable fan following of Manchester United in the Sunderbans was actually due to the blood that was shed during the historic Eating episode.

‘Man-Eating Tiger’ who eats ‘Man Eating Tiger’ for Eating ‘Man-Eating-Tiger-Eating Man’

They instantly started filming the video to Upload it on Social Media and get a few likes instead of helping out the unlucky man who was being eaten by a tiger was eating another tiger, in turn. After completion of the filming and eating, the Zoo-Bot Duo went back to their camp and immediately returned to Germany to share their experience and upload the video using Neighbor’s fast WiFi. However before sharing publicly they decided to show the video to an English Professor of English, as they needed help in the nomenclature of the incident.

When we interviewed the Professor later, he said, “What I saw was a tiger who ate a man, who liked eating tigers which liked eating men who liked eating man-eating tigers which liked eating men! I instantly asked them to name the video as “‘Man-Eating Tiger’ EATS ‘Man Eating Tiger’ for Eating ‘Man-Eating-Tiger-Eating Man’ for Eating ‘Man-Eating-Tiger-Eating-Man Eating Tiger’ for Eating ‘Man-Eating-Tiger-Eating Man’ eating Tiger”, but it seemed like a few Social Media won’t accept such a title and hence I shortened it to, “‘Man-Eating Tiger’ EATS ‘Man Eating Tiger’ for Eating ‘Man-Eating-Tiger-Eating Man'” “.

Later on when interviewed the Zoologist and Botanist they sadly declared that due to memory shortage they had to delete the video, but will surely encourage everyone to visit Sunderbans, or even live there, unless and until he himself becomes the Man who eats ‘Man-Eating Tiger’ Eating ‘Man Eating Tiger’ for Eating ‘Man-Eating-Tiger-Eating Man’.

Arkadeep Mukhopadhyay
Antarctica Daily
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