WARNING: This food causes indigestion even WITHOUT consumption!

30 February, 0123: Beware it might be in your plate. But if it is not in your plate then also, be equally Aware. It can lengthen your medical bill and substantially lengthen your time on the toilet seat, even if you have never seen it, heard of it, let alone touched it, smelt it or even worse tasted it.

The Pharmaceutical companies are perplexed on this latest discovery and have not yet reflected on the possible preventions of indigestions and diarrhea which result due to THE FOOD.

A Recent study has found out that this FOOD, available in North America and Asia, is probably a poisonous fruit that can cause indigestion in the Human Beings even if it is not consumed by the victim. This makes development of drugs, to prevent the symptoms and sufferings, IMPOSSIBLE.

After biologists from around the world have been clueless on how to tackle this problem, physicists have meanwhile suggested two hypotheses explaining how a food can cause INDIGESTION even WITHOUT consumption.

  1. Initially, they blamed it all onto the presence of tachyons inside the fruit. Tachyons are hypothetical particles with imaginary mass, which travel faster than the speed of the light and TRAVELS BACK IN TIME. That could be the reason why this food can have effects even before it is consumed.
  2. Recently, String theorists have even pointed towards quantum entanglement. According to them the food has entangled particles with our bodily atoms and fermions. Any macroscopic interaction of the subatomic particles of the food hence instantly decides the state of existence of the atoms of our body.

No one has any idea what is the real cause or the prevention. Incase you have any query you can let us know down in the comments or HERE.

Arkadeep Mukhopadhyay
Antarctica Daily
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