Voldemort denied Plastic Surgery by HP fans

30 February, 0122: Last Monday, in Lost Vegas Spacious Spa, a customer arrived in hooded jacket, YouYes Polo Sweatshirt and horn rimmed sunglasses with a weird looking stick clutched in his long fingers decorated with uncut nails. The gruesome description was totally accepted by other people in the Spa locality, but a crowd magically gathered around the stranger when he removed his hood and slid off his sunglasses.

“I want a Plastic Surgery to be done on my nose”, said that man. It was then that the crowd broke into an uncontrollable civil riot, as every other witness pulled out pens, pencils, twisers, cigarettes and other elongated stuff and spelled out the ‘Petronas Twin Towers Charm’ simultaneously.  This did not affect the Dark Lord (as he was identified to be later) who was not a dementor nor an inventor neither anything rhyming with it. The woman in the counter declared that she was a Happy Rotter fan and by no means could help Voldemort out. This broke the heart of Tom Riddle (Voldemort is his nickname) and he immediately called up a cab (which was the same flying taxi owned by the Weasley family) and flew off, probably to the Forbidden Forest.


Voldemort after being denied plastic surgery… 😦

Devil Bongbottom, an eye witness, said, “Voldemort was denied a plastic surgery and then was made to flee the area by the simultaneous use of the Petronas Twin Towers Charm. I enjoyed every second of it, I wish our hero Happy was present, in that case, Happy would have been really happy!”

Arkadeep Mukhopadhyay
Antarctica Daily
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Are you WITTY enough to get this?

30 February 0088: This joke was uploaded by Pun Wit MeMe  with the help of Antarctica Daily on their website. Mathematicians collaborated with physicists to decipher it’s meaning as it was classified the most dangerous joke of the millennia.


Ultimately it was explained by one of our witty journalist….

It meant, “I ate kFc and some pi.”

Root over of minus one is ‘i’…

8C1 is 8 which is same as ate…

the first term in physics is k(Coulomb constant) , the second one is F(Faraday constant) and the third one is c(speed of light)…

& means and….

the summation sign means sum = some….

and we all know pi….

Now scratch your brains and work out the meaning…



Arkadeep Mukhopadhyay
Antarctica Daily
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