Stationery to be made FREE for Left-handers

30 February, 0128: Recently the world has undergone a lot of discrimination. On the grounds of favorite football club, favorite cartoon, favorite fast food, etc. However the issue which has had the most impact on people, is the discrimination regarding lefty-s and righty-s.


All this will be free for Leftys

The World is split in proportions greatly varying from the 50-50 ratio when divided upon the hand they prefer to use for the most of the skillful tasks of their lives. The left handed people were found out to be among the most ill-treated people by the majority.

In an attempt to solve all this inequality, and to prove that the LHS is indeed equal to RHS, MERCY (Mathematical Equality Rights Commission, Yugoslavia) have ensured that Stationery would become totally free for every left handed people.

This step is believed to cancel out the negativity faced by the leftys in the society. Rafael NOdal is the brand ambassador of this initiative. This initiative can also encourage the left handers to fulfil their dreams.

As a result of this announcement many students from colleges worldwide have been noticed taking up courses of ambidexterity!

Reported by, Subham Tiwari*


  • Artist by profession, known to draw coloured pictures of zebras
  • He can color xerox a blank paper!
  • Himself a right hander but supports lefty people
  • Net Worth: Owns the internet

*Edited by,

Arkadeep Mukhopadhyay
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