Chicken demands copyright of its genes after egg claims that it came onto the earth first

30 February, 0061: This is the twenty first century and the not only the human beings but also other forms of life are evolving in their intelligence. However this evolution of intelligence has been partnered with an evolution of intellectual property rights which ensure that only the first beholder of an idea should be credited for the same. This right has also evolved as now people, in fact animals, are placing demands for genetic rights.
Last day, a chicken from KFCC (Korean Friendly Chicken Committee) approached a consumer court to demand for exclusive rights of chickens over their genetic material. Their claim is against another group of chicken related living things, eggs, who have been reportedly trying to claim the ownership of the genes of the chicken establishing the fact that they were the ones who came on to the Earth before Chickens. An intrapoultry civil riot was noticed in several countries as chickens rallied and picketed other poultries with banners stating that it was them and not eggs who came on to the Earth first. Very soon the judiciary of all leading countries have agreed to pass a law in favour of the chicken (which is tastier than egg and it would be foolish to go against them!).

Arkadeep Mukhopadhyay
Antarctica Daily