“After working for 25 hours and 64 minutes Everyday for the last 35 years, I discovered It!” says 33 year old Mathetician

30 February, 0064: Hardworking is the key to success, so is perseverance and even dedication with a hint of determination blended in with an essence of sincerity attributed with honesty. Only and only if, a person possesses these qualities, can that person become successful.


Last year a question was asked by a student from kindergarten which remained unanswered till today, the day, when the question got answered. The question asked by the toddler was about a mathematical function called ‘Cryman Eat a function’ which when integrated with respect to the Fourier transformation of the resultant equation obtained by dividing the ‘eat a’ function with a null set of transcendental numbers with a limit set as x approaches zero while y approaches infinity and the upper and lower limits being respectively 3.6*10^63 and 73i*10^31, yielding a complex number on the real number line and a real number on the complex number which seem to fit with each other in a lie group  that when equated for the domain and range returns values which requires higher dimensional reconstruction rejuvenated by a topological idea that often when mistaken with the Taylor expansion of the insignificant coefficients in the notation of ‘Ricci Ricc flow’ can deviate the graph towards origin resulting on simplification to a statement which proves that zero is larger than one and seven is directly divisible by one thousand eighty eight. The mathematician who was 33 years old solved it using psychology instead of mathematics after spending 35 years of his life. He let us know about the love for maths he possessed and in the interview piped out the heading of this news with an emphasis on “…I discovered it.”


Arkadeep Mukhopadhyay
Antarctica Daily
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