Usain Bolt beats Fast Food

10 April 2018 Yesterday, the world's most awaited 100m running competition was held between Usain Bolt and a Cheesy Burger from Heart Attack Grill. Strangely enough, the burger despite being a fast food lost the race to Great athletic personality of Usain Bolt by a factor of milliseconds. With a shot of gun in the … Continue reading Usain Bolt beats Fast Food


Voldemort lures Joker to the Dark Side

9 January 2018 Harry Potter is alive. Batman is also alive. Both Joker and Voldemort have failed. But Joker had already told batman, "I don't wanna kill you! What would i do without you?..." and being a man of principles as he is, he is now appreciating the heavy weight of his statement. Neither can … Continue reading Voldemort lures Joker to the Dark Side

Flying without wings (in an Aeroplane)

Tom, Dick and Harry were flying in an Aeroplane. Then the wings fell off. Two minutes later the plane slammed onto the ground. Flying without wings is impossible. Flying, without wings, in an Aeroplane is possible. Flying, without wings, in an Aeroplane without wings is again impossible. Hence, the plane had slammed onto the ground, … Continue reading Flying without wings (in an Aeroplane)

This Math problem has stumped even the Legendary Cricketers

That awkward moment when kids and men don't suffer but legends do!

IIT Aspirant files PIL against IPL to introduce Negative Marking

It happens only in India!

Ronaldo requested to star in FINAL DESTINATION after his ‘Winning Penalty’ Vision

Ronaldo, said that he had a vision of scoring the winning penalty and told his manager Zidan that he will take the last penalty.

Manager sacks Club Owner and sells them in Transfer Window

The club manager Jose More-Eno sacked the Glacier family instead of the other way around.