What is Essential for Education?

21 March 2018

What is essential? Learning for the end of term marks or Learning for the end of life satisfactions? Should we learn just to tear through the upcoming barrier only? Or should we study slowly so that we retain what we learn till the end of the life? I’m sure, you have the answer. But the rest of this article will make it difficult for you to hold on to it.

Many think that studying for the upcoming exam is more practical. Because, all that the world demands of you, RIGHT NOW, is to pass the next test. You can’t even qualify for the future courses if you don’t focus on the present. So you start to do so! But then you get so much indulged in the present, that you start dealing with topics which the examination board has never even thought about asking in the exam. In other words, you just lost the track. Your focus got diffused. You drifted into the zone where you study because you feel like. Not because you need that for the next exam.

But do you think, that is what is essential? Studying because you like it? Not focussing on the near future yet building your strong base for future challenges, about which most of your friends are not even thinking.

Let us have another view at the same topic. What is good? Passing with an appreciable score but having only the exam related knowledge? That way, you enter your future course with full confidence and distinction that might help you to pick up better. Or, do you wanna pass like an average and already know half the syllabus of the next course yet have a poor reputation?

More importantly, what is more essential according to you? Spending that extra time, which meticulous people earn by cutting down on relaxations, on improving your theory or practical? Because, for most of the cases, theory answers why yet practical answers how.

Without knowing how, you can’t live at the present. Without knowing why, you never know how to incorporate innovation.

All these questions plague the younger generations always. The battle between the present and future, theory and practical, how and why keeps on raging. So, according to you, which one should be given more importance? Or does the answer lie in successful combination of the opposites?

Arkadeep Mukhopadhyay

Editor in Chief

Antarctica Daily


Studying 25 Hours a Day is not Enough

Let us talk about studying, by studying the way we talk. We shall conduct our study upon a person who studies a lot. Now since we are studying a person, who studies a lot, then we, ourselves, are also studying a lot. Hence, we can conduct the study on ourselves, itself. So let us study the way we study, to study the way we talk, to answer the question on whether we study enough or not?
First, we will create an imaginary ambience in which we will place our gluteus maximus followed by the rest of our body. After we are seated, we will first check the notifications on Facebook, the unread messages in WhatsApp and the latest video in the YouTube Feed. After half an hour of, “Oh, I just got carried away by this awesome YouTube video.” and a few other conclusive videos we will finally open our book. Facebook, I mean. We will drift through the irrelevant status updates, some strange profile picture updates accompanied with demotivatingly motivational captions and a handful of shared memories for another hour or so, before our self-control kicks in real hard, and for the first time in the last one hour and thirty minutes, which is equivalent to four thousand and eight hundred wasted seconds, we will finally observe our phone leave the warm contact of our palm and fingers, which would be warmer if the smartphone is from China and even warmer, in fact, to the extent of sizzling hot, and an aroma of barbeque, if the phone was the seventh note from a neighbor of China. We submissively, look towards the clock and realize that it shows thirteen past seven in the evening. Superstitious, as we are, we decide to let the time fly by a little more, so that we can start studying from seven thirty, which is a round figure. Twenty minutes of Instagram uploads later, we realize that the clock has once again proved to be treacherous, as the minutes hand was temporarily waiting at seven thirty three. “Eight it will be”, we take a grand oath and we return to upgrade a cannon in Clash of Clans. Right at eight, we emerge victorious from a battle and put our phone aside, only to pick it up five minutes later, thanks to the notification regarding the readiness of your army for another battle! Ultimately at eight thirty, we open our book. Not just any other book, but an e-book. But since we had forgotten to mute the notifications, few minutes later, we find ourselves swearing at the top of our voices, in the group chat named, “Best Friends Forever”.
The clock strikes nine and the ghrelin over secretion overwhelms our desire to study and magnetically pulls us to the dinner table. We feast like there is no tomorrow, and we emerge victorious, yet again. Our happiness, fails to persist however. We suddenly remember that we have a homework to complete. Twenty seven pages are to be written! Our desires alter within a second, and it becomes the prime intention of our life to complete the impending work. Our sole objective of our soul becomes, the submission of the homework tomorrow.
We write till two ‘o’clock in the night and then sleep through the initial lectures of the next day. In the last period, when we were supposed to submit the work, we discover that the teacher is absent, and hence the submission will be postponed till tomorrow!
That day while returning to home, torrential downpour and devastating thunderstorm destroys the notebook you wrote in and that night you redo the entire work all over again.
Hence we observed that, though we did the same homework twice in the last twenty five hours or so, we studied for the cumulative total of three minutes and forty seconds, despite believing firmly in our mind that we were studying all the time. This proves that studying twenty five hours is not enough and you should instead, use a time turner to study at least fifty hours a day!
Best of Luck…

Arkadeep Mukhopadhyay
Antarctica Daily


Physicists introduce 3 MORE Laws of Motion

30 February,0092: Students worldwide are extremely eMOTIONal due to the fact that 3 more laws of Motion are to be added to their syllabus along with 3 preexisting laws of motion by Newton. Meanwhile, teachers have concluded that motion laws would be the primary factor retarding the students’ progress.

Upon several heated press conferences, the Physicists let the cat out of the bag and we were enlightened with the 3 new laws of motion.
Assuming that our readers have a fine idea of the first 3 laws, we are directly publishing the 3 new laws publicly.
4th LAW: Hennessey Venom GT has the highest top speed in Asphalt 8.
5th LAW: The Fastest is not always the best, it is often the most furious.
6th LAW: The velocity of your car is inversely proportional to the no. of friends in your car and directly proportional to the square of the distance from your home when the direction is away from your home.

Arkadeep Mukhopadhyay
Antarctica Daily
Website: http://www.antarcticadaily.weebly.com

Mango tree mysteriously bears bitter gourds after local people forcibly cut away some of its branches

30 February, 0065: Nature has been angered and here are the consequences. No more mango its just bitter gourd.


What it was...:-)


What it is and would be....:-(

Last day a group of people from a Sri Lankan village cut the branches of a mango tree which was known to bear the sweetest mango ever and donated them to a group of scientist who offered to manipulate its genes and create more mango trees like that with the payment of a nominal fee. The mango tree clearly declared that cutting branches wasn’t a deal, but people didn’t care. Today morning just as everyone went to the tree to pluck a few fruits, they were socked to see that all the yellow, red mangoes have been replaced with green pale bitter gourds.
This news teaches us that, Greed is the end of all good.😰😥😰:(😱😨

Arkadeep Mukhopadhyay
Antarctica Daily
Website: http://www.antarcticadaily.weebly.com

Boy with 36 IQ tops University entrance test with 113.5% marks

30 February,0023: “Nothing in this world could be predicted with 100% certainty.” This is one of the most popular quotes given by Prussian President Dr. Pudding. Amazingly enough, this quote was proved to be 100% true by one of the strangest coincidences. Last month, an Indian Origin boy had appeared in the entrance examination of the University of Pencilvanilla. Despite a lot of discouragement from his friends and family due to his unbelievably low IQ of 36 he went to accomplish his dream of studying medicine in an American University. When the results came out, it shocked the entire world. Contrary to all predictions about his marks, that boy had not only passed the examination but he had even topped it! After a few press conferences which he attained we got a chance to meet him. In the enlightening conversation that took place in our studio he shocked us for the second time with his unimaginable wit. He said ,”I used to wake up at 4’o’clock everyday in the morning and then study hard till 5’o’clock the next day morning for 25 hours a day.” We were mesmerised by his tenacity to work hard and his determination. On consulting with the the vice chancellor of the university we came to know that he had not only got 113.5% marks but also received a 150% scholarship (i.e the university will pay him half the fees and he won’t pay anything to the university). Honestly, he proved, Practice makes a man Perfect! Arkadeep Mukhopadhyay Editor-in-chief Antarctica Daily Website: http://www.antarcticadaily.weebly.com