Suicide bomber sentenced to life imprisonment posthumously after he commits suicide before detonating the bomb


30 February,0057: Hollywood movies have always fascinated us with sudden twists of plot and hyper intelligent terrorists fabricating extremely complicated plans. One such strangely knitted plan and the even more weird action taken by the government unfolded down here in the icy continent of Antarctica. Penguin Bear, the world famous terrorist decided to take the last venture of his life and devastate the Antarctic Continent. As the reports suggest, Mr Penguin tied 86 kg of hyper explosive radioactive hazardous material with his body and jumped from the top of the South Pole tower (896m). However he landed on a trampoline and the sudden bounce resulted in an internal haemorrhage and he died. But the bomb wasn’t detonated and he flew high up in the sky, where he struck with an artificial satellite and the bomb blasted resulting in meteor shower all over the South pole. On landing on the ground at seventeen different places his body was assembled and presented in court for trial. The judge punished him with life imprisonment.
The true mystery is that the following questions have remain unanswered:-
1) If he had already died how could he be penalised with life imprisonment?
2) If he is indeed given life imprisonment, then it would mean that he has to be brought back to life, which is an extreme risk. That way shouldn’t the judiciary be doing more harm than benefit?
3) If his bombs didn’t detonate on Earth, and casualties are zero is he a bomber?
4) If he died before the detonation but his voluntary act didn’t detonate the bomb, is he a suicide bomber?
5) How could anyone receive a life imprisonment sentence posthumously?

This questions might be answered never,
but we are one terrorist less on this Earth forever!

Arkadeep Mukhopadhyay
Antarctica Daily