iBrows are the LATEST Fashion Trend

So what is this LATEST Fashion Trend?

You just cut, dye, modify, pluck or grow your eyebrow to represent the ‘motto’ of your life.


“What I am saying is false!”,says American politician Sir Riddle

30 February, 0049: Paradoxes have been a part of human logic since the ancient times, but until recently the thought that politics could be paradoxical was never entertained. Last  Monday, the speech delivered by Sir Riddle had a great impact on the human reasoning and the speech will be remembered by all of us for…

After selfie, the latest trend is COOLFIE

30 February,0034: Before you get the wrong notion that coolfies are cool-selfies let me clear the doubt that selfies and coolfies are not at all related to each other. Coolfies are actually ice cream type desserts famous in India and the neighboring countries. Recently the people have been so much obsessive about coolfies that they…