GRASSES replace HAIRS as the latest hairstyle!

30 February, 0104: The problem of the moment is: DEFORESTATION. While others are scratching their head to solve the problem, some intelligent human beings are USING their head to solve the problem.

The future…

“It is the most ingenious approach to solve a problem.” said Dr Greed Green, “Here the solution is not from the head, but is the head.”, he added with an emphasis on the auxiliary verb ‘is’. The plan is to grow grasses on the head instead of hair. This can have several health as well as environmental benefits.

  1. Planting grasses can help control global warming.
  2. It can provide oxygen to the planter, by the process of photosynthesis.
  3. It can lower the temperature of body by utilising sweat as its water source.
  4. It is an ostentatious ornament to prove that we care for the Earth.
  5. An ecosystem can thrive on your head.
  6.  It can improve your IQ.
  7. It can insulate your brain from mechanical shocks.
  8. It can have fragrant flowers minimising the cost for deodorants.
  9. It will symbolise immortality and rejuvenation.
  10. BALDNESS would cease to exist as a problem.

According to the reports, 89.7 Million human beings have already adopted the New Grassy hairstyle and the trend is spreading faster than a wildfire.


Arkadeep Mukhopadhyay
Antarctica Daily


Lefty Left-brained Wright Rightly Writes ‘Right’ Right to the Left of the space he had Left

30 February 0097: Last month on 42nd January 0096, You’re Wright wrote a scientific article describing the motion of a charged particle when an electric and a magnetic force is applied. It contained elementary ideas from electromagnetism but due to a nagging doubt, he was confused with Flemming’s which hand is used for which case. So he had left a space on the article. After he cleared his doubt by having a cell phone chat with James Maxwell from the past, he instantly filled the gap by writing the word Right right in the gap he had left. Right meant that the Flemming’s Right Hand rule was to be used for the particular case he was describing about induced current.


If you are already acquainted with Wright its because he is a well known Left Brained (i.e. well organized but lacking creativity) reporter who writes with his left hand.

Wright is the man whose left leg was once amputated due to an accident and he was all right, mainly because his right leg was left.