Top 10 Reasons You Must Read This Post

24 March 2018

  1. The Human mind is inadvertently drawn towards lists which claim to feature the top items of any list.
  2. The Number 10 is widely celebrated as an appreciable round figure. You have 10 fingers and count in hence count in base 10 system, making 10 a complete and satisfactory number.
  3. I used the modal verb Must, which creates a sense of subconscious compulsion in your mind.
  4. It is a self referential post. Understanding it completely, will force your brain to work hard and will improve your logical reasoning and cognitive skills.
  5. It is not very long so that you will give up in the middle. Neither is it too short so that you can ignore it completely.
  6. The featured image on this post, gives it a professional look.
  7. Every time you read a point, you realise it is useless. So, you read the next one in order to fulfil your appetite of 10 reasons.
  8. Beyond point 5, you start to like the concept of writing a 10 point post with only self referential points.
  9. You have given up every hope of learning something useful from this post and just want to continue till the last point.
  10. You are extremely angry that you wasted the time, so you wanna share this and make your friends and enemies, especially, read this entirely.

Arkadeep Mukhopadhyay

Antarctica Daily